How to maintain different kinds of sarees?

Sarees are tough to be taken care of. On top of it, so many different types of fabrics don’t make it any easier.

Who doesn’t love buying different kinds of sarees and ace different types of occasions? But, when it comes to maintaining them, we are pretty much a novice. We depend on the laundry services to have them cleaned and polished. But, that is not to say that we shouldn’t know how to maintain them, at the least until you get an opportunity to go to a dry cleaner. There are methods for maintaining different types of sarees.

It is extremely important to keep your fabrics in shape by taking care of them the right way. This will help them look as good as new. Not only that but they will also last longer. Since India is a very cultured country, we have exclusive designs and styles as well. Hence, maintaining them becomes crucial. There are no fixed rules on how to clean them or what to do. It depends on the type of fabric and raw material.

How To Maintain Different Kinds of Sarees?

Cotton Sarees:

This is perhaps the most popular and favourite saree of everyone. We all love wearing cotton. There are no specific instructions for cleaning and maintaining cotton. You can wash them by hand or in the machine. But, if there are block prints then washing them by hand is the preferred method – this will prevent the colour from fading. Too much exposure to sunlight can ruin the quality of the fabric. 

Georgette Sarees:

Georgette sarees are extremely popular sarees that are very easy to maintain. Hand washing is always the best option as it increases its strength and durability. There are a few varieties that can be washed in the machine. Always use room temperature water and iron in a low-temperature setting as well.

Silk Sarees:

Silk Sarees are rich and luxurious. Everyone loves wearing silk. There are different types of silk fabrics like Kanchipuram, Banarasi, etc., which are extremely popular too. There are a few instructions that you should follow when it comes to silk. Machine wash is a strict no-no, no exposure to perfumes, sunlight or heat. Silk Sarees need to be washed with a mild detergent in lukewarm water only.These are some instructions on washing different types of saree fabrics. If you have a special way of taking care of some of your special sarees, comment below. 

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